Get Back to Pain-Free Knees at Home in Seconds. Without Drugs, Surgery or Electric Nerve Stimulation
  • Heal Your Knees From Years of Damage And Neglect
  • Stop Hiding The Pain... And Causing Even More Long-term Damage
  • Works On Pro Athletes… But Made For Regular Folks
How the JBIT Works

How The Jbit Works

How The JBIT Works Page
  • As soon as you strap on, the JBIT MedPro starts working.
  • You’ll notice a difference with your very first step…
  • Keep walking and you’ll see it doesn’t go away…
  • You feel lighter…
  • And what you don’t feel are the usual aches and pains in your joints.
  • Actually… it feels like you’re waist-deep in water, or wading through a pool.
  • That is the JB Intensive Trainer at work.
  • And what’s happening is the secret to why the JBIT is instantly effective at relieving knee pain.
  • The JBIT works by recruiting the strongest muscles in your body – from your legs to your core – into action.
  • What you’re feeling is actually these muscles working together to support your body weight… instead of forcing your knees to take on the load..
  • It’s phenomenon that doctors call “re-activating” your muscles. And why I’m telling you about it is because…
  • When you re-activate the muscles – you lighten the load on your knee joints and cut off the source of pain within seconds.
  • In just a few minutes a day with the JBIT, you will...
  • Relieve Knee Pain… by reducing pressure while re-activating muscles around the knee
  • Relieve Back Pain… by engaging the total core, creating a pelvic tilt while reducing back pressure
  • Relieve Sciatica Pain… by aligning the lower extremities
  • Decrease Risk of Falls… by improving balance with simple walks
  • Prevent Over Compensation… by forcing correct body alignment
  • Kick-Start Mobility and Flexibility… by increasing range of motion with simple movements And all you have to do to get all these benefits?
  • Put on the JB Intensive Trainer and take your first step.